I Like ‘Em Thick: Short Stories Vs. Novels

I’m currently reading Blackout, which is a collection of short love stories by six authors – Angie Thomas, Dhonielle Clayton, Nic Stone, Tiffany D. Jackson, Ashley Woodfold, and Nicola Yoon.

I saw images of the cover circulating on social media and decided to check it out. I’ve read novels by Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give and On the Come Up) and Tiffany D. Jackson ( Monday’s Not Coming and Allegedly), so I was excited to head to the bookstore and pick this one up.

When I tracked the book down (after getting sidetracked by other books multiple times), I was kind of disappointed when I picked it up. The thing that stood out was that it was so light, 245 pages. I’ve been getting wrapped up in each author’s short story and by the time I blink, it’s over. Right now, I’m nearing the end with only about 20 pages left, and when I noticed that, I thought about if the length of a novel plays a significant role in my book selections.

I love a good thick, heavy book; I get excited (shrugs). I’m talking 450+ pages. I enjoy spending days swept up in a good storyline. By no means am I saying that Blackout isn’t a good read or that shorter books aren’t enjoyable, but I do sometimes get disappointed when I come to the end. I have a hard time saying goodbye. But I guess that’s just my personal preference.

What’s yours? Do you prefer short stories or longer reads? Let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “I Like ‘Em Thick: Short Stories Vs. Novels

  1. Great post!! I actually posted something similar recently on long vs short books. I totally know what you mean about short stories – it’s why I do sometimes avoid them. I recently read Anna Karenina – which is a whopping 1,000 pages and I absolutely loved it – due to its length, I became hugely invested in the plot and developed such an emotional connection with the characters making it an amazing read!


    1. I agree! I’m currently reading Firekeeper’s Daughter. This books is around 500 pages. I’ve been comparing this read to Blackout and I feel so much more connected to the characters and the storyline.

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      1. Connection to characters is almost the most important thing for me! That’s why I love Anne of green gables so much!


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