Letting Go: Instructions for Dancing Review


Evie Thomas is a sucker for a good romance novel. At least she used to be. After she caught her father cheating and had to deal with her parent’s divorce, she’s sure to love nothing but heartbreak, and she wants no part of it. Evie packs up all over her novels and is on her way to donate them when she passes by a neighborhood library box. She decides she’ll leave her books there. While unpacking, a lady sneaks up behind her and encourages her to take one with her as well. She sees only one book in the box, Instructions For Dancing. Evie doesn’t know that after having the book in her possession, she can see how everyone’s relationship will play out just by watching them kiss. 

Evie already doubts true love, and seeing how so many different relationships end in heartbreak is not helping her situation. She shares what’s happening with one of her best friends, Martin, who swears that it must be happening for a reason. They discover an address to a dance studio in the book, and Martin encourages her to go to the dance studio with an open mind and see what happens. He’s optimistic that the reason for her having this ability is to learn something and the dance studio maybe lead her in the right direction. 

Taking Martin’s advice, Evie begins taking dance classes and happens to meet a handsome guy, X. They become dance partners, and as the relationship develops, Evie becomes afraid. Why should she open herself up to love when it always ends with heartbreak? Can Evie let go and take a chance on love? Why would she when she sees so many relationships fail?


I’m a sucker for a good love story. This one pulled on my heartstrings. I laughed, I got mad, I cried, I felt everything while reading. Evie and her friends have a great sense of humor. At times, I did become extremely frustrated with her. She becomes so cynical after her parents divorced and have a hard time living in the moment.

X is quite the opposite. His motto is to say yes to everything and enjoy the moment. I think these two make the perfect pair because of the views or so different. They can balance each other out. The thing is that Evie is so quick to shut down or try to run away. She doesn’t believe in love anymore after what happened with her parents. I can understand where Evie’s coming from, though. She had a very close relationship with her father, and after what happened, she just can’t look at him the same. Plus, her sister doesn’t know all the details, so she has no one to talk to about it.

I decided to try this book after reading Blackout. Nicola Yoon wrote one of the love stories, Seymour and Grace, which I enjoyed. Once again, she had me experiencing all the emotions of the characters. If anyone watched me while reading, that would probably think I was crazy due to how hard I was smiling through some of the scenes. I give it 4.5 stars.

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