The Summoning: Book Review


Kit is a struggling actor who works part-time as a medium, which can be argued. Acting isn’t exactly paying the bills so Kit spends time browsing through the obituaries and reaching out to grieving widows in an attempt to help them find closure. Or at least that is what she tells herself so it doesn’t sound as bad. What she’s doing can also be seen as taking advantage of vulnerable people.

Kit meets a guy, David, who is also a cop. Meeting him makes her feel as if she’s alive again. Being a widow herself and having a daughter in a coma after an aneurism has been a lot to deal with. David often takes her out, checks in on her frequently, and makes her feel cared for. Something she hasn’t felt in a while. 

While things are going well in one area of her life, things seem to be getting out of hand in another. Kit begins to have trouble distinguishing between what’s real and what’s all in her head. During the seances she performs for the widows, she begins to feel out of control. She’s hearing voices, feeling spirits brush her hair, hold her hand. Is this real or is she a better actor than she thought? 


This book wasn’t exactly a page-turner but wasn’t horrible. I feel that the plot was a little slow. Every time I would get excited and think something big was about to happen it kind of fizzled out. I was left wanting more. If you’ve paid attention to any of my other posts, most of my reviews have a catching title that I usually pull from the book. Something that stood out. I couldn’t think of anything for this one. I just wasn’t connected with any of these characters or that invested in the plot. I couldn’t even come up with a snazzy title for the review.

This novel kind of gave me 6th sense vibes. A dark tale that only gives you enough information to string you along until the end. One thing the author did a great job of was keeping me guessing. I had a few theories about how things would play out and all of them were completely wrong which is a good thing. I’m glad it wasn’t predictable. Although I didn’t feel invested in the story line, I did enjoy the plot twist at the end. I give it a 3.5.

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book. The Summoning by J.P. Smith will be in stores September 7, 2021.

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