A Flicker in the Dark Book Review


Chloe Davis is the daughter of a serial killer. When she was a teenager, several girls started to go missing, which put her small town of Breaux Bridge in an uproar. Imagine her shock when she discovers that her father is responsible for these deaths. After his conviction, her family life sort of falls apart. Her mother checks out on the family leaving Chloe and her brother alone to fend for themselves.

Chloe constantly tries to put her past behind her and pretend everything is fine. She leaves Breaux Bridge to start fresh in Baton Rouge, but that becomes a challenge when young girls begin to come up missing again, only to have their bodies found days later. What makes things worse is that it seems this killer is copying her father. If that isn’t enough, Chloe recognizes these girls. These are girls that she has met before, which puts her right in the middle of things. She’s been running from her past so long, but now it seems like it’s time to face things head-on. After picking up on the similarities between her father’s murders and those currently happening in Baton Rouge, she tries to talk to the police and help them out. The only problem is there are starting to look at her as a suspect. Seeing that they aren’t taking her seriously, Chole begins conducting her own investigation but will it help or make things worse?


I’ve read several suspense novels this year, but this one has made the top of my list. I was pulled in from the beginning, and the author did a great job of keeping me guessing. I’m always happy when I can’t quite figure out what’s going to happen next. I was frustrated but enjoyed it. Every time I thought I had it figured out, some new information would pop up and I would start to suspect someone new.

I feel this novel was very well executed and will be looking forward to future releases from Stacy Willingham. I give A Flicker in the Dark five stars.

Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin Press for the advanced copy. Thoughts expressed were not swayed by any outside factors.

Corinth 2642 AD

In the year 2642, race is no longer an issue. Everyone has mixed and is multiracial. But a hidden colony of white people is determined to stay pure and become the majority again.

Jimmy Matoo is a private investigator in San Francisco. He is approached by a colony leader, Bull, to help find his missing granddaughter Cara. The entire interaction with Bull is difficult for Jimmy due to how judgemental and racist Bull is towards people of color. He is preparing not to take the job until Bull states that Jimmy’s younger brother was killed outside the colony. This comes as news from Jimmy. He’s still processing his brother’s death, but the information he’s getting from Bull about the death of his brother is different from what he and his parents were told. He agrees to help find Cara in exchange for getting more information on what happened to his brother.

Jimmy heads for Corinth, Oregan with Bull to begin his investigation but had no clue what he was getting himself into. The hate he receives there is amazing. Most people in the colony have not even seen someone of color before. They hold primitive beliefs and have not problem expressing their disdain for him. Along with that, Jimmy is shocked by how much pressure the colony puts on girls to reproduce. Teenagers are given prenatal vitamins and have monthly checkups to check fertility rates. The women can’t even exercise for fear that it will have adverse effects on their ability to reproduce. No wonder Cara decided to run away. The question Jimmy has is if she was able to escape or was she killed?

Along with the stress of dealing with Bull and his family, there are far worst dangers ahead for Jimmy that no one bothered to mention to him. His life is actually in trouble for being a person of color in the colony. Some people want to overthrow Bull as colony leader, and bringing Jimmy inside the colony may be the final nail in the coffin. Where does this leave Jimmy, though? If something happens to Bull, how will he escape? Who can he go to for help?

My Review

This book was awesome. The plot was so different from anything else I’ve read this year. I loved the concept of One World and how everyone is much more accepting of racial differences. There was such a progression in the way people view societal differences….until we get to the colonies. The colony members held on to their beliefs so tightly and wouldn’t even consider the possibility that what they believed was foolish. Jimmy is a strong person because I would have left the colony after 10 minutes of being there!

One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much is due to my reactions while reading it. How engaged I was and how much I rooted for some of the characters. I do feel the ending was a little too open for my liking, lol. I won’t give it away, but I’m wondering if there will be a part two or if the characters will pop up in other works by this author. Even though I would have preferred more closure, I was satisfied with the ending. I give it 4.5 stars.

Behold What is Coming: Redemptor Review


Picking up where Raybearer left off, Tarisai is the first-ever Raybearer to go into the Underworld. She strikes a deal with the spirits of the deal world, stating that she will go in if they agree to end the Redemptor treaty. This will keep the children from being sacrificed in the name of peace. She must elect her council of leaders before she can begin her journey. The problem is, to join the council, you have to love the Raybearer. Sounds easy, right? Not while being the first female Raybearer with assassination attempts on your life and undead spirits popping up at every turn. Will Tarisai save the empire, or is this too much for a young girl to bear?

FYI: This novel is a continuation of Raybearer by Jordan Ifeuko. You may not want to read this review if you plan on reading Raybearer, as it may give away some details of that book.

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Don’t Stare Too Long: The Witching Tree


Burning Lakes is a small town famous after three witches were tried and killed in the 1700s. The Witching Tree serves as a reminder of what happened. People believe that if you carve your desires in the Witching Tree, over time they’ll disappear and only witches can read them.

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Letting Go: Instructions for Dancing Review


Evie Thomas is a sucker for a good romance novel. At least she used to be. After she caught her father cheating and had to deal with her parent’s divorce, she’s sure to love nothing but heartbreak, and she wants no part of it. Evie packs up all over her novels and is on her way to donate them when she passes by a neighborhood library box. She decides she’ll leave her books there. While unpacking, a lady sneaks up behind her and encourages her to take one with her as well. She sees only one book in the box, Instructions For Dancing. Evie doesn’t know that after having the book in her possession, she can see how everyone’s relationship will play out just by watching them kiss. 

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The Summoning: Book Review


Kit is a struggling actor who works part-time as a medium, which can be argued. Acting isn’t exactly paying the bills so Kit spends time browsing through the obituaries and reaching out to grieving widows in an attempt to help them find closure. Or at least that is what she tells herself so it doesn’t sound as bad. What she’s doing can also be seen as taking advantage of vulnerable people.

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A Traitor Among Us: Six Crimson Cranes Review


Shiori is the emperor’s only daughter, raised in the beautiful Kingdom of Kiata, where magic is forbidden. The only problem is that she discovered that she has magical powers. This has both intrigued and frightened her. What will her father do if he finds out?

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What’s Tani Reading? – August

So I’ve finished all books I purchased for the month of July and took a trip to the bookstore this past weekend. I purchased four books from B&N and am anxiously awaiting Redemptor which is the follow up to Raybearer by Jordan Ifeuko. Raybearer is my favorite read this year so I’m really looking forward to getting part 2 in the mail. Until then, I’ll be knocking these out. Below are brief synapsis of each book.

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For The Misfits: Seven Days In June Book Review

Seven Days In June is a romance novel following two characters, Mercy and Shane. Mercy is an author of a popular erotica series called Cursed. She wrote the first book when she was around 19, and after writing 13 books in the series, she is experiencing major writer’s block. The problem is that this series is what’s keeping her a float. Mercy is raising a tween daughter Aubre and wants the best for her. So if continuing with a series that she lost passion for is what she has to do, then so be it.

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