Letting Go: Instructions for Dancing Review


Evie Thomas is a sucker for a good romance novel. At least she used to be. After she caught her father cheating and had to deal with her parent’s divorce, she’s sure to love nothing but heartbreak, and she wants no part of it. Evie packs up all over her novels and is on her way to donate them when she passes by a neighborhood library box. She decides she’ll leave her books there. While unpacking, a lady sneaks up behind her and encourages her to take one with her as well. She sees only one book in the box, Instructions For Dancing. Evie doesn’t know that after having the book in her possession, she can see how everyone’s relationship will play out just by watching them kiss. 

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The Summoning: Book Review


Kit is a struggling actor who works part-time as a medium, which can be argued. Acting isn’t exactly paying the bills so Kit spends time browsing through the obituaries and reaching out to grieving widows in an attempt to help them find closure. Or at least that is what she tells herself so it doesn’t sound as bad. What she’s doing can also be seen as taking advantage of vulnerable people.

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A Traitor Among Us: Six Crimson Cranes Review


Shiori is the emperor’s only daughter, raised in the beautiful Kingdom of Kiata, where magic is forbidden. The only problem is that she discovered that she has magical powers. This has both intrigued and frightened her. What will her father do if he finds out?

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What’s Tani Reading? – August

So I’ve finished all books I purchased for the month of July and took a trip to the bookstore this past weekend. I purchased four books from B&N and am anxiously awaiting Redemptor which is the follow up to Raybearer by Jordan Ifeuko. Raybearer is my favorite read this year so I’m really looking forward to getting part 2 in the mail. Until then, I’ll be knocking these out. Below are brief synapsis of each book.

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For The Misfits: Seven Days In June Book Review

Seven Days In June is a romance novel following two characters, Mercy and Shane. Mercy is an author of a popular erotica series called Cursed. She wrote the first book when she was around 19, and after writing 13 books in the series, she is experiencing major writer’s block. The problem is that this series is what’s keeping her a float. Mercy is raising a tween daughter Aubre and wants the best for her. So if continuing with a series that she lost passion for is what she has to do, then so be it.

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That Which is Hidden: Daughter of the Shipwreck Review


This novel takes place in the 1800s and follows two siblings, Mercy, and Mat, who were captured after their village was raided in Africa. With that, I want to let everyone know that THIS IS NOT A SLAVE STORY. I’ve seen many people say that they want to read historical fiction novels surrounding Black people that don’t revolve around slavery, so I think this would be a nice change for some. While it touches on that topic, this book is much more than that. 

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A Burden Too Much to Bear: This Poison Heart Review


Bri was born with a green thumb. She has a love for plants, and they love her too. Sometimes a little too much. Wherever Bri goes, plants begin to lean towards her; they become more colorful, lusher, vines begin to grow and crawl to her. She can even bring dead plants back to life. Even though some may see that as a good thing, these abilities make Bri uncomfortable. She, nor her parents, understand why this happens. Her parents own a flower shop so Bri sometimes experiments with her skills but only to a small extent. What if someone happens to see her? Would she scare them off? Would she still be considered normal?

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Only One Winner: Look What You Made Me Do


Look What You Made Me Do is a suspense novel written by Elaine Murphy. The main character, Carrie wants to get as far away from her sister Becca as possible and live a peaceful life. Why? Because Becca is a serial killer.

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I’m Still A Man: The Taking of Jake Livingston


Jake Livingston is a student at a private school and is the only black kid in his class. He often feels like he’s singled out and picked on by other students as well as his teachers. On top of this, Jake can also see ghosts; he’s a medium. This causes him to often withdraw from other people, which is understandable. Later, we find that one ghost, Sawyer, has it out for Jake. He knows that Jake can see him and is determined to make his life miserable.

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First Line Fridays

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

Below are some lines from one of my favorite reads this year. Can you guess what it is?

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