Only One Winner: Look What You Made Me Do


Look What You Made Me Do is a suspense novel written by Elaine Murphy. The main character, Carrie wants to get as far away from her sister Becca as possible and live a peaceful life. Why? Because Becca is a serial killer.

Becca has been committing murders for years and blackmails Carrie to help her hide the bodies. Growing up, Carrie and her parents basically give in to all of Becca’s wants. Hence, they’re not on the receiving end of her manipulative tactics.

One night, while Carrie and Becca are “moving furniture,” Carrie’s spidey senses kick in, and something feels off. Is someone watching? Who would be out during the dark of night other than her and her psychopath sister?… Another killer!

Days later, thirteen bodies are found in a park. One Carrie immediately recognizes because she helped bury it. But where did the others come from? And why are they all missing a foot? Becca doesn’t chop off feet. It becomes apparent that there are not only one but two serial killers on the loose. When Carrie comes home one day and begins to find things out of place, she realizes the newly discovered killer has their eyes on her and her sister.

This book is a fast-paced thriller. I had a few theories about who the killer was and why they were after Carrie and her sister, all of which were wrong. The author earned brownie points in my eyes because there were so many twists and turns that I was not expecting. I couldn’t predict what would happen next, and just when I thought things were over, there would be something new.

I gave it four stars instead of five because I wish I could have gotten more info on the other characters as well—ex, Carrie’s boyfriend, Graham. I didn’t have any connections with him or picked up a connection between him and Carrie. He was just there. What was Becca like in everyday life? Why didn’t their parents have the heart to stand up to her when she was smaller? Other than that, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others looking for a good suspense.

Discussion: Spoiler Alert

Why didn’t Carrie just leave town and try to get away from Becca? Why did she choose to keep killing. I understand that some DNA may have been on the first body but do you really think her sister would have turned her in? Even though Becca is crazy, I did feel like she cared for Carrie. I actually started to enjoy her sense of humor.

Carrie went through extreme lengths to put everything behind her, such as killing Footloose and Fiona. Is Carrie just as bad as her sister. Were the things she chose to do towards the end of the book necessary?

Do you think Carrie will finally be able to live a peaceful life or will this become a pattern?

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